I just started a herb grinder business for Canadians. AMA

Jul 16, 2017

Hello, I am John at beaverbustergrinders.ca, I just started a herb grinder for Canadian stoners. The Canadian weed market will open next year, and surely, there will be an increased need for this. The grinders are cheap and each customer can benefit from discounts.


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What is the advantage of using a grinder?

Jul 16, 6:40AM EDT0

What are your grinders made of?

Jul 14, 8:53PM EDT0

Do you use the grinder personally?

Jul 14, 11:34AM EDT0

Is Weed legal in Canada yet?

Jul 14, 8:22AM EDT1

How long have you been in the marijuana industry in general?

Jul 14, 6:01AM EDT0

What inspired you to get into this business?

Jul 14, 4:13AM EDT0

Why do you say the Canadian stoner market will open up next year?

Jul 13, 7:04PM EDT0

Do you sell other items as well?

Jul 13, 3:34AM EDT0

How long have you been in this industry?

Jul 12, 11:53PM EDT0

How much revenue do you foresee from this venture?

Jul 12, 4:32PM EDT0

How much profit do you expect to make from each grinder?

Jul 12, 1:31PM EDT0

Can you grind things other than weed?

Jul 12, 12:22PM EDT0

When will the grinders be available for purchase?

Jul 12, 12:32AM EDT0

How much money do you have invested in this product?

Jul 11, 11:51PM EDT0

Do you believe medical marijuana alleviates as many ailments as people claim?

Jul 11, 9:57PM EDT0

Is it motorized or manually operated?

Jul 11, 7:11PM EDT0

Do you smoke either medically or recreationally?

Jul 11, 5:13PM EDT0

Will the Canadian weed market be larger than the US market?

Jul 11, 4:35PM EDT0

How large is the marijuana market expected to be in Canada?

Jul 11, 2:41PM EDT0

Can these be sold in bulk to medical facilities?

Jul 11, 2:40PM EDT0

Do you market the grinder in the U.S.A. too?

Jul 11, 12:48PM EDT0

Is using an aluminum grinder bad for your health?

Jul 11, 9:13AM EDT0

What got you interested in Cannabis?

Jul 11, 7:57AM EDT0

Do you produce them yourself, or outsource production?

Jul 11, 6:12AM EDT0

why does someone need a grinder?

Jul 11, 5:47AM EDT0

What innovations would you like to see in the marijuana industry?

Jul 11, 2:40AM EDT0

Will you market any other goods of this type in Canada as well?

Jul 11, 1:53AM EDT0

What makes your product stand out against others?

Jul 11, 1:22AM EDT0

Do you anticipate any losses?

Jul 11, 1:21AM EDT0

Are you crowdfunding the product to scale up production?

Jul 10, 7:34PM EDT0

Will you market the grinder to other demographics, like clean eating groups?

Jul 10, 7:27PM EDT0